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Everything You Should Know About NTB Auto Centers

ntb tires

NTB Tires

Published:  10/7/2014
NTB is a company that offers simple automotive services at low, discount prices. They offer the most competitive prices on tires, service, brakes and batteries, with hundreds of locations in the United States.  They work excellent for both truck as well as car repairs. They’ll be able to service most consumer needs and their promise is that they’ll get you back onto the road as quickly as possible.

Aside from oil changes and other routine services, NTB offers a unique lineup of products that customers can choose from. Again, these products are very cost-friendly and they regularly send their followers coupons to save even more money.

About NTB

There are more than one thousand NTB centers located all around North America. More specifically, these stores are located in over forty states and you can even find them in various parts of Canada. The best part about this is that all of these stores have agreements with one another and you can interchange services and cash in on warranties no matter where you are. This is another huge reason why NTB has become so popular for automotive consumers.

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This is a company that was established way back in 1972. Since that time, they have become extremely popular. It was in 1997 that NTB was created and merged with two major retailers. This was a company that was using very sophisticated automotive repair equipment at the time and it was their commitment to excellence that allowed them to rise to the top.


Are Their Technicians Certified?

NTB is a company that ensures that all of their technicians are ASE certified. For those who don’t know, this is basically a certification that states that their technicians have a large knowledge base about automobiles and will be able to fix the majority of problems that consumers have.
ASE stands for “Automobile Service Excellence” and it is something that ensures that all technicians are held up to the highest possible standards when hired. Aside from that, their technicians will get the job done as quickly as possible.


Company Benefits

Compared to other automobile service companies, NTB does a good job of making the lives of their customers much, much easier. One of the reason why so many people do business with them is because they have very convenient store hours.

More specifically, they are open very early in the morning and close very late at night. Plus, they are open on Sundays. And they also offer 30-day guarantees on all of their tires, so you can ensure that you make the best possible decision.


Product Spotlight - Nitto Terra Grappler Off-Road Tire

This is an off-road tire that is currently being offered by NTB and that can really turn some heads when on the road. Aside from the fact that it offers drivers amazing off-road performance, it has a relatively stylish look and amazing visual appeal.

Do keep in mind that it works in all kinds of weather including rain and snow. The reason this tire works so well is because it has larger than average tread blocks that are designed to really grip snow and ice.